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Some open source programs

Cassilda last updated on 2013-04-17
KVM/QEMU image generator, runner and testing framework, written in Python
zerodoc last updated on 2012-05-207
minimalistic {asciidoc/pod/phpdoc}-alike 'plaintext to html/markdown/whatever' format with a very simple interpreter and a very simple syntax. Written in Python.
hellfire last updated on 2014-05-24
"wana*v*ee" vi clone written in Python.
gb580 last updated on 2012-06-05
Extract track data from Globalsat GB580B and GB580P cycling computers converting them to GPX or to .TCX (Garmin Connect) format. Written in Python.

Dirty hacks and scripts

My dotfiles for openbox, screen, alpine, midnight commander and other lovely ancient utilites I still use. Some scripts I find convenient.

script called updaterepo to maintain trivial debian repositories

Programming amusements

Simplebf last updated on 2010-01-24
Brainfuck interpreter written in ANSI C
curses-2048 last updated on 2014-05
A terminal/ncurses/python version of the original game at http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048
cartonator last updated on 2014-05
Print random cards for Bingo using PostScript
memebase last updated on 2013-04-14
When CGI scripts where written in C they looked a bit like this one

Some writings

Running qemu / kvm with tap interfaces and a bridge last updated on 2013-04-28
A convenient way to give a kvm guest image connectivity to the host, without editing global configuration files or anything else.
Installing Debian in a pendrive formatted with VFAT in a loopback device last updated on 2013-04-27
Making your own 'Debian live' system on a pendrive formatted with VFAT with debootstrap, booting with syslinux.
Install debian with loop-aes encryption in the root partition last updated on 2012-01-02
How to install Debian with loop-aes encryption in the root partition and the kernel and key in an external pendrive
Install a Debian distribution in a pendrive using debootstrap last updated on 2011-12-28
How to setup a regular debian distribution in a pendrive, when just regular live distributions and rescue disks won't do it. (Old article using ext2 and grub, this newer)
Configure Alcatel One Touch X060S HSDPA USB modem in Debian last updated on 2009-12-23
A brief tutorial on how to configure the Alcatel One Touch X060S HSDPA USB modem in Debian Lenny, and configure wvdial for the Spanish carrier Masmovil.
Using the MaxMind GeoLite City data with MySQL last updated on 2009-07-21
On using the MaxMind GeoLite City data for geolocation, using a more efficient query to search on the database than the one suggested by MaxMind.
Installing Mac OS X and Ubuntu on the MSI Wind U100 last updated on 2009-06-18
Installing Mac OS X 10.5.6/10.5.7 and Ubuntu GNU/Linux 8.10 in an MSI Wind U100, model MS-N011, and quick links to the drivers.
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